Bidaai Photoshoot of Studio Netramani: Exclusive Pictures from the Session

What is a Bidaai photoshoot? 

This is basically the photoshoot that follows the wedding rituals and is usually held 2 days before the couple tied the knot. We get to see the couple dressed in their bridal outfits during the photo shoot. The bride and the groom look more than excited and happy while having fun with the photo shoot.

Photoshoot Schedule: This photoshoot usually starts at 9 am and ends in the afternoon. It normally ends in 3 or 4 days.

Photoshoot Location: We usually shoot the photoshoot at the wedding venue.

Timings: This photoshoot normally begins at 9 am and lasts for 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Price: photoshoot is usually the cheapest and the most convenient for the bride and the groom as they get to try different looks during the shoot

How does it work at Studio Netramani?

It is an experience that is real and good. Bidaai Photoshoot by Studio Netramani is a package that covers a lot of different matters.

a) Image Rental: when you go to Studio Netramani, you don’t just have to rent a photographer. You can also rent an image at affordable rates. You can come to our studio and hire the photographer for one and a half hours, four hours, or six hours.

b) Image Rental for Boudicca Photoshoot: On the other hand, you can also go for a Boudicca photoshoot and not just hire a photographer but you can hire Boudicca, one of the most renowned and much-trusted photographers in Odisha.

c) Casting: if you want to get your picture in a fashion magazine or a newspaper, you don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for it.

Why should you get a Bidaai photo is done?

Everyone wants a Bidaai wedding shoot done at least once in their lives because it represents something beautiful. Also, a Bidaai photoshoot is a much-awaited event because it signifies new beginnings for brides.

  • Here is a brief about the importance of a photoshoot and why it is so important.
  • It helps in welcoming the new starts in your life
  • Gets you ready to start a new chapter in your life
  • To help in celebrating the family’s unity
  • A Photoshoot is a form of art, and having a Bidaai Photo to helps express your art.
  • Why should you get a photoshoot that helps your family create its art? It makes people see you as a beautiful, loving mother.
  • How do you get the pictures done?
  • The process starts with an on-location shoot.

Special moments of the bride with her family and friends at the ceremony

The groom’s family enters the room and performs rituals.

The groom takes the bride to be his life partner for the next fifty years.

The groom and the family go to their new home.

One of the rituals that are performed after the wedding is the Bidaai.

Even though the Bidaai is important, it is not the primary one. The main function of the ceremony is that the groom’s family sees the bride for the first time.

The bride gets the Ghatamini ceremony in the presence of her family, friends, and relatives.

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