Western Pre-Wedding Shoot Dresses Ideas

Pre-wedding shoot attire plays a vital position in placing the temper of the photoshoot simply right. Imagine posing at the picturesque places with the love of your existence carrying some of the most elegant clothes ever. Well, as tons as the notion of it makes your heart ignore a beat. Similarly, we guess you would possibly be searching for some fundamental western pre-wedding ceremony attire to make your dream come true. Studio Netramani has the best Pree Wedding Photographer In Bhubaneswar. We provide the best western pre-wedding shoot dresses ideas.

From fairy story robes to the little black dress, we have received the pleasant thoughts and notion to assist you to construct the most glamorous dresser for your romantic pre-wedding ceremony shoot

Best Classic White Wedding Gowns As Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Always desired to have a Christian wedding ceremony carrying the traditional white wedding ceremony gown? Well, we love couples who go out all OTT with their pre-wedding ceremony appears sharing some principal outfit goals.

90s couple pree wedding photoshoot dresses ideas

Similarly, From Rachel in “Friends” to Kajol in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, who doesn’t love the brilliant funky and cool dungarees in their wardrobe? Well, quirk up your trend recreation through ditching the standard nighttime robes and attire for these sublime dungarees and coordinate it with your bae for some exciting and uber-cool couple portraits. We provide the best western pre-wedding shoot dresses ideas.

Match made in heaven

Yes, a matching outfit is a cliche for your pre-wedding photoshoot, however, who else can be extra relaxed and playful around your partner? It will nonetheless be your very little and favorite cliche. In fact, Wear matching denim shirts or pants or both, however, make certain to carry out your fashion simply so you don’t appear like twins.

The pure white

An especially white shirt/top and blue denim is a suitable outfit preference for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Similarly, They will shape your informal seem and your outlook on lifestyles that is to begin. In fact, You can play an exercise or pass by messages like these to add extra testimonies to the photo. We provide the best western pre-wedding shoot dresses ideas.

Creative wedding photoshoot with Studio Netramani

A Successful Marriage requires falling in love many times, continually with the identical person.”In case you are puzzling over a range of bridal ceremony image ideas, and you are already compelled to pick out between the basic and the modern-day ones, then it’s higher to go for the innovative wedding ceremony pictures ideas. Best wedding photogapher in Bhubaneswar. Make Creative Wedding Photoshoot With Studio Netramani.

Yes, we apprehend that you always assume of the white flowing robes (or stylish maxis), the appropriate spacious venue (possibly be a garden), and the beaming eyes of the bridegroom as you suppose of wedding ceremony images.

Such pic will constantly be a pleasure for the eyes. However, it’s pretty exciting to flip these into innovative wedding ceremony picture thoughts from the traditional and mundane ones, which would certainly be special and exciting. These kinds of wedding ceremony images you clearly will now not locate in any bridal magazines. Smash the frequent subject matters and make your bridal ceremony picture album a masterpiece.

With ‘creativity,’ you can splice up your wedding ceremony image album by using mixing up the affection with a mixture of modern-day and the basic ones between you and your higher half. It is additionally counseled that you can take all these cutting-edge picture thoughts and professionally have them made by means of a well-experienced wedding ceremony photographer. You can share them inside your social circle, as well.  Studio Netramani have the best photographer in Bhubaneswar.

Behind the door

The groom has to now not continually see the bride earlier than the ceremony, however, nothing can separate them from conserving their arms and specific their instantaneous emotions and the love of his lifestyle for the duration of the door. Even if the bride and groom are preserving hands, except seeing and swinging in feelings, this scene can be superbly captured.

It’s a fashionable but revolutionary picture thinking for the wedding ceremony to make your image album unforgettable, which appears dependent as properly as comfortable!

This scene moreover can be photographed, if a small window or a mild aperture thru the door for the bride and the groom to have a moderate look to their partner-to-be. It would be a splendid meetup for your memorable wedding ceremony pictures. These revolutionary wedding ceremony picture thoughts can additionally be carried out if you are having an engagement photoshoot. It would be a tremendous bridal ceremony photograph thinking to recreate one of such a tremendous wedding album with creativity. We have the best Vediographer in Bhubaneswar.

Aww Moment

We know it is more relaxing for girls to “rest on their companion’s shoulder” than any other place. Then the best place has your wedding photoshoot near a captivating lake or a lovely sunset, as it would add more colors and drama.
This photo can be taken by putting your head on the back of a bench, then taking a photograph from behind. Keep his hand and sit your head on the shoulder of your companion and forget the rest. Make Creative Wedding Photoshoot With Studio Netramani.

Let him send you over his shoulder in order to make this shot more desirable and affectionate. This groundbreaking picture design of the wedding is unique as well as traditional. Through these creative wedding photo ideas, an excellent collection of photographs can also be made.

 The candid one

If you’re a shy head and the lens discourages you, a random shot is good. You don’t have something to pose. Only herbal and authentic behavior. A lovely photograph may want to be taken at the equal second as speech or guffawing. Try to neglect the lens to get these everyday random photographs or even omit the presence of the camera. We apprehend that it’s now not an in all likelihood endeavor. However, if you trust your associate is the sole real component in the complete world. You don’t want to assume about whatever else now.

A brow kiss with the resource of the groom for her stunning bride is the sweetest factor of getting married. It suggests connection, love, and affection between the two human beings. We suggest that you have to construct this state of affairs with the placing of the daylight emitting in the photoshoot. Therefore, when love companions see all unique things, they proceed to smile, they will capture the smiling faces.

Lets captured the best wedding moment with Studio Netramani and make your wedding memorable. We have the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar.

marvel meetup

If you can’t stop a look of your accomplice earlier than the wedding. Let’s construct this stunning second and then seize this superb stance for you. You can additionally intend a romantic contact with the aid of handing her. A written phrase you choose her to seem to be at. Couple of snap shots can be specially dramatic. Flip poses for every of the brides and grooms organized earlier than the ceremony. The usage of their spouses. It would be high-quality if you took your unforgettable wedding ceremony images of passionate affection for the second between you and your higher half.


Photo Engraving Services in Bhubaneswar

Studio Netramani One idea that has begun to take off is the addition of laser etched wedding photos that make a truly spectacular showpiece in the couple’s home. Wood, marble, metal, and acrylics all lend themselves well to photoengraving. Whether you are adding a photo to a finished piece, like a wine box, or as a stand-alone picture for the mantle, laser engraving creates a unique look that they won’t be able to easily find elsewhere.

What Makes a Good Candidate for

Photo Engraving?

While engraved photoengraving is exceptionally popular, engravers sometimes have difficulty achieving the desired look on the medium they’re working with. Before engraving wedding photos – or any photograph for that matter – it’s important to understand how the process works.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not EVERY photo engraving is going too well. So, what makes a photo ideal for engraving?


Make sure you have a variety of colors from light to dark within your photo. A single color photo that has a lot of skies won’t provide much visual interest when engraved, and neither will one with large dark areas, such as a couple standing in the shadows. While it may look visually interesting when printed, it will lose a lot of that detail when engraved.

Close-Up Subjects

Your photo’s composition is an integral part of the quality of the etching. The most spectacular engravings are often of the couple in the foreground. The engagement photo of the couple holding hands in the meadow looks great artistically but will lose detail when etched on wood.

Why a Photographer the Perfect photo Engraving?

Your view of a laser photo engraving system may be of an intimidating piece of machinery that takes hours to program and takes up a lot of room in your workspace, but the fact is laser systems have evolved to the point that they are basically operated like your printer, and aren’t much bigger than one either. Operating the laser is truly as simple as taking your digital photograph into your preferred design program and printing it to the laser.

A big benefit of owning your own laser is scheduling your engraving time. Laser photo engraving services are often a very cyclical business with busy periods that coincide with busy wedding seasons. You can easily find yourself at the mercy of the schedule of the service, affecting your turnaround time for a custom photoengraving. Owning your own laser also means that you can test photos on scrap material before doing the true photo engraving to find the best picture for etching.


Any type of lightweight wood with minimal streaking can produce high-quality photo engraving results. You can choose from Alder, Fir, Baltic Birch, Plywood, Cork, and Douglas for your photo engraving projects. The resin content in the wood will determine whether your photo will become dark or light after engraving. You can choose from a variety of low-resin wood types, including walnut, apple, ash, oak, and black locust. In case you are looking for a darker burn, high-resin wood such as alder and cherry will give you the desired results.


The suitability of a specific type of plastic depends on its composition. Finishing processes and additives can modify their characteristics for absorbing light spectrum properties. As a result, some combinations will melt instead of being engraved. Typically, cast resins and acrylics are the best types of plastics for engraving complex patterns such as photos.

Glass and Stone

While both of these materials can be finicky to use, you can get striking results. That’s because whenever a laser beam hits stone or glass, the laser fractures the surface and crystal structures, and natural grains. Furthermore, glass and stone can add a natural layer to your laser-engraved photos to increase their aesthetic appeal.


You will need to use a high-density laser for marking both metals and coated metals. Fiber Laser Markers are best for metals, but you can also mark metals using a CO2 laser engraver with the application of laser spray coating.

The best metals for marking include steel, stainless steel, silver, gold, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Gifts for Every Occasion

The perfect picture to match the occasion is truly worth a thousand words. Here are some amazing ideas to create gifts for all occasions by engraving photos.

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Wedding Gifts

Holiday Gifts

Why limit yourself to chocolates and red wine when there are so many more personalized ways to celebrate the holiday season? Adding personal photos to ordinary holiday gifts can be a great way to celebrate special occasions. For instance, you can create beautiful ornaments for Christmas, Easter eggs for Easter, personalized Champagne bottles for New Year’s, and laser engraved home décor items for Mother’s Day.

Anniversary gifts

If you want to rekindle old memories spent with your spouse, photo engraving gives you the perfect method to cherish precious moments Studio Netramani can engrave your engagement or wedding photo into a leather wallet, a heart necklace, and more. With enough creativity in mind, the versatility of a CO2 laser engraver can do wonders.

Graduation Gifts

Graduation marks an important milestone for your son, daughter, or friend. What could be a better way to celebrate the bond you share with your loved ones and their amazing achievement than a personalized souvenir?

Engraving a photo creates memorable graduation gifts by adding a personal touch. You can engrave beautiful photos on leather journals, wallets, tumblers, keychains, and just about everything.

Wedding Gifts 

Choosing a wedding gift is not easy! It’s also easy to mistakenly copy an idea from another guest. Thanks to advancements in CO2 laser engravers, creating an exquisite and personalized wedding gift won’t dent your bank account, unlike other gifts. Now you can engrave beautiful photos on glassware, crockery, champagne bottles, and jewelry that can help you create stunning wedding gifts. Studio Netramani also works on wooden gift boxes to enclose other gift items. You are sure to get some tear-jerking responses from the bride or the groom.

Time to Start Photo Engraving

Photo Engraving is a fantastic way to show how much you care for your friends or family. When choosing the best laser engraving machine, buy a quality laser engraver that guarantees ultimate precision and accuracy. Studio Netramani offers a wide collection of the latest laser engraving machines. Contact us today to start your laser engraving journey. Studio Netramani provides the best services in Bhubaneswar.


LED Photo frames for keeping memorable pictures of family friends loved ones. Pictures can be changed easily and frames can be hung on walls or desks in both portrait and landscape.

You can keep one photo at a time and change it whenever you want to.

2 in 1 Portable photo frame:

can be switched between the mirror and photo frame by the touch of a button: mirror when light is off and photo frame when lights on.

Led Lights

Get A Clearer Sight Of Your Face With A Focused Light That Makes Up For Dim Indoor Lighting Conditions And The Radius Of The Mirror Is 20Cm And The Total Height Is 25 cm.

The uses of led photo frame

Today many people buy images with led photo frames. They create led photo frames for photos, or images in their house. When such frames are placed on the walls, they appear beautiful and add beauty to the homes. In fact, Such frames usually glitter in the dark and exhibit a spectrum of colors. The visitors are usually impressed by such photo frames. They are usually placed on the walls in homes and offices.

Similarly, In the house, they are placed in the living room, bedroom, or even dining hall. The led Photo frame can be made at home also, but our led photo frame Delhi shop deals with some of the special led frames.
In led display frames, the photo or the image can remain intact for many years. Such led photo frames are made of various components such as batteries, resistors, transparent sheets, battery-box, breadboards, PCB matrics, etc. They comprise some electronic components that produce special effects. We provide the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar.

Similarly, Our LED lightboxes are easier to install and they appear illuminated. In fact, The light is evenly lit throughout the frame. Using our led frames, the frames appear even brighter and no dark spots are also visible. Some of the led frames even comprise ultra-thin profiles. Such frames are easier to install and can be used easily.



Buy your set of custom printed key chains online at studionetramani.com. In fact, We offer a variety of printed key chains in exquisite designs which can be personalized with your favorite photographs or messages. Similarly, We have the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar. Also keychain printing services we provide.

What is key chain printing?

Similarly, Key chains printing has evolved from rubber to plastic. Over the years, they have come to be used as a platform for customer information, to distinguish products, or for advertising purposes. In 2016, an estimated 83% of American consumers owned a key chain

Now you can share your love of The Key Chain Show with your friends with this personalized key chain from studionetramani. We are offering different sizes and color combinations with high-quality printing


Similarly, We strive to offer the best key chains on the market. We are a team of professionals who understand the demands of our customer base and we strive to meet their expectations. In fact, Many sweet features such as a cut-out section for keys, a hanging hook for keys, number tabs, and vinyl.

Benefits of customized key chains

How to customize the key chain

We offer a variety of images, messages, and personalized messages for the key chains. Use your imagination to design unique key chains for yourself and your friends Stop by the studio, customize a keychain, and pick it up the next day in our showroom or at our studio location in Studio Netramani. 

Custom Polka-Dot Paper Backpack

Similarly, Colorful, personalized backpacks will be made to your specifications. You will design the color and size. Get everything ready to make your final selections. In fact, Once the designs are complete, we’ll take your order. Choose between 8 colors, including black, blue, green, red, and combinations. In fact, Choose leather or canvas backpacks. There are 3 exterior pockets that include adjustable straps.

Keychain printing procedure

1) Purchase key chain from our site.

2) Check sample pictures or logos of designs.

3) Add your customized pictures/images and submit them for printing.

4) Place an order and wait for the key chain to arrive at your doorstep.


These days a new trend has made its place among internet lovers From wedding invitations to housewarming party invitations, every invitation is sent via the internet on mostly Whatsapp/Facebook as a video or an ecard. Many digital invitation video makers have made their good position in the market with their top-drawer quality of work and the dedicated and creative professional team, which has touched its peak in work quality and customer ratings. Following the newest trend, we know what is in demand and present it in front of the viewers.

Our team, specialized in innovation and animation tools, has made its record in making the most demanded and ravishing videos for our customers. We have an excellent package for digital wedding invitation videos. We have worked at a great level on marriage invitation videos, including 2D & 3D Roka ceremony videos, Engagement invitation videos, Save the date invitation video for a wedding, and online wedding invitations for WhatsApp.

Digital invitation videos following every culture such as Rajasthani Wedding, Marwari Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Punjabi Wedding, Muslim Wedding, Christian Wedding & South Indian Wedding, etc. We are not just the best Indian wedding invitation video maker. We are best in online wedding invitation eCards too, not only for wedding invitations but for that every memorable moment of your life, which brings a smile to your face. So, we are here to spread the happy news and invite your near and dear ones. 

What is the cost of the wedding invitation video maker Services ?

Our wedding video invitation service is reasonably priced. The price usually starts at Rs. 500/- and can go higher depending on the amount of customization you prefer and desire. If you want an exact quote for your video invites, get in touch with us today!

Customized Invitation Video Services

Our invitation video wedding services are completely customizable. you will show you various templates of our video invites. Still, you can customize them according to your preference by adding or removing details and information.

Time to Delivery of the video wedding invitation?

We will require 24 working hours to get the invite ready for you. Rest, the timeline will depend on the amount of customization you need and the project’s urgency. If you want the exact delivery timeline, contact us today!


Best Mobile Back Cover Printing Services in Bhubaneswar Studionetramani

In today’s globalized world we can easily find out more about the new phones, mobiles, and computers with the click of a mouse and typing on the internet. But the simplest way to get those images printed on those expensive mobiles is to talk to the best mobile Back Cover printing in  Bhubaneswar, You can find out more about the prints and mobile covers Follow us Studionetramani.com. People use their smartphones every day, in fact, people look at their phones on average 85 times a day! So what’s a fantastic way to make a lasting impression? Offer them a promotional gift they’ll look at every day.

In 2017, there are more mobile phones than there are people on Earth, making phone cases the number one must-have accessory when it comes to smartphones. So it’s no surprise that custom printing on these cases has become a big business.
But to get the best printing experience in Bhubaneswar, you will need to choose a reliable printing service with the right printer. The price and quality of prints are two of the most important and relevant factors. We are located at the heart of the city so you can visit our store anytime to get the best mobile covers and printing services.

Why choose mobile back cover printing services?

Many factors including the type of the phone, graphics on the cover, and size of the cover can be modified to achieve your desired design.

How to choose a service provider?

First, select the service provider that provides unique & stylish mobile covers with a three-year warranty for your phone.

Studio Netramani

Contac:  +91-9776886666
Email: query@studionetramani.com

Website: www.studionetramani.com


The Best Pillow Printing in Bhubaneswar

Personalized pillows are another thoughtful gift idea that will be used for years. Pillows are great because they can customize and be designed with the recipient’s taste in mind.

Why People Love Custom Pillow Printing

  • Because of the custom quality of handmade pillows.
  • Because of the personal touch.
  • Because of the enjoyment from printing and displaying your own art on your own pillow.
  • Because of the piece of your own personality that is placed in the pillow.
  • Because it is a great gift that not only will brighten the room, but also personalize it in a more personal way.
  • Custom Print and Fabric Pillow
  • A pillow printed with a unique photo of the customer.
  • Embroidered pillow
  • Portrait of the customer with their face and name on the pillow.
  • Cartoon of the customer with their face and name on the pillow.
  • Customized Print for an anniversary or special event.
  • Personalized Pillows
  • The key to quality is to go through professional textile printing companies.

How to Make Personalized Pillow Printing

Customize your pillow at Bhubaneswar.

  1. Go online and search for your name and the name of your gift recipient.
  2. Choose a color theme.
  3. Click the Add Value button.
  4. Choose the fabric of your choice.
  5. Choose the printing method.
  6. Choose how to attach the pillow to the gift.
  7. Enter a personal message.

Customizing Your Personalized Pillow

Choose the print you want.

  1. Select your pillow style and size.
  2. Place a corner block at the bottom and the thumb side at the top.
  3. Fold it.
  4. Apply stenciling to the top of your pillow.
  5. Use the print and apply paint to create your choice of pattern.

Personalizing Pillow Printing Costs

Pillow printing at Bhuvanewar is available in all areas of the state

How to Decorate Your Pillow

The most important thing to remember when decorating a pillow is that it should be special to the recipient.

There are numerous custom pillow designs online to choose from so you can find something that looks great and will be meaningful.

From our selection of the top pillow designs, we found some great pieces to help decorate your gift.

If you are interested in doing business gifts in Bhubaneswar, you can take advantage of the amazing design and printing services offered by Studionetramani can help you design and print several customized pillows. We were pleased with the designs and printing service.


Bidaai Photoshoot of Studio Netramani: Exclusive Pictures from the Session

What is a Bidaai photoshoot? 

This is basically the photoshoot that follows the wedding rituals and is usually held 2 days before the couple tied the knot. We get to see the couple dressed in their bridal outfits during the photo shoot. The bride and the groom look more than excited and happy while having fun with the photo shoot.

Photoshoot Schedule: This photoshoot usually starts at 9 am and ends in the afternoon. It normally ends in 3 or 4 days.

Photoshoot Location: We usually shoot the photoshoot at the wedding venue.

Timings: This photoshoot normally begins at 9 am and lasts for 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Price: photoshoot is usually the cheapest and the most convenient for the bride and the groom as they get to try different looks during the shoot

How does it work at Studio Netramani?

It is an experience that is real and good. Bidaai Photoshoot by Studio Netramani is a package that covers a lot of different matters.

a) Image Rental: when you go to Studio Netramani, you don’t just have to rent a photographer. You can also rent an image at affordable rates. You can come to our studio and hire the photographer for one and a half hours, four hours, or six hours.

b) Image Rental for Boudicca Photoshoot: On the other hand, you can also go for a Boudicca photoshoot and not just hire a photographer but you can hire Boudicca, one of the most renowned and much-trusted photographers in Odisha.

c) Casting: if you want to get your picture in a fashion magazine or a newspaper, you don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for it.

Why should you get a Bidaai photo is done?

Everyone wants a Bidaai wedding shoot done at least once in their lives because it represents something beautiful. Also, a Bidaai photoshoot is a much-awaited event because it signifies new beginnings for brides.

  • Here is a brief about the importance of a photoshoot and why it is so important.
  • It helps in welcoming the new starts in your life
  • Gets you ready to start a new chapter in your life
  • To help in celebrating the family’s unity
  • A Photoshoot is a form of art, and having a Bidaai Photo to helps express your art.
  • Why should you get a photoshoot that helps your family create its art? It makes people see you as a beautiful, loving mother.
  • How do you get the pictures done?
  • The process starts with an on-location shoot.

Special moments of the bride with her family and friends at the ceremony

The groom’s family enters the room and performs rituals.

The groom takes the bride to be his life partner for the next fifty years.

The groom and the family go to their new home.

One of the rituals that are performed after the wedding is the Bidaai.

Even though the Bidaai is important, it is not the primary one. The main function of the ceremony is that the groom’s family sees the bride for the first time.

The bride gets the Ghatamini ceremony in the presence of her family, friends, and relatives.


Get the Best T-shirt Printing Services in Bhubaneswar

This is a high-end t-shirt printing process for complex designs that are not able to be reproduced using traditional spot color applications of ink. Usually, halftones or any type of tonal design like photographer-like images can be produced using simulated process printing.

Printing Process

The cigarette package printing industry is mainly segmented into:

  1. Automotive Wrapping: this is the most popular and the most lucrative segment. This is the costliest and more profitable segment. Tobacco brands spend about US$ 5 – $10 million to run the premium packaging of cigarette packs. These packs are sold in convenience stores, drug stores, petrol pumps, grocery stores, online, and neighborhood retailers.
  2. Card Printing: card printing industry basically categorized into:
  3. Smart card: there are various features on smart cards like biometrics, pin, chip, expiration date, and magnetic stripe security features.
  4. Photo frame: photo frame is manufactured by printing on the regular fabric that is applied as support.
  5. Advertising: This is the most common type of advertising.

Designing Your T-shirt Printing

You will require a minimum of T-shirt dimensions and a design for printing on your t-shirt printing. There are several types of designs available in the market that you can choose from and make the design of your t-shirt.

Here is a list of some t-shirt designs that you can make for your friend or family

If the design of the t-shirt is related to a personality such as your friend’s name, you can have a design like something like what type of a person he is and then we can have a font that looks like his name.

You can choose a picture of your favorite cartoon character and then have the name like Spongebob on his head.

You can have a layout where there are no particular fonts or images to make your t-shirt printing design.

How to pick the right kind of T-shirt Printing

In order to know which kind of T-shirt printing services are available in Bhubaneswar, one should do some research before selecting one. They should keep the following in mind:


Printing quality is the most crucial parameter which should be considered when it comes to selecting the right T-shirt printing services. If the size of the T-shirt is on the bigger side then you should get a service that has the highest print quality in terms of print quality.

If the t-shirt printing quality is not up to par then you should consider a service that has a huge variety of options that can accommodate the print size which is beyond the standard size that you are looking for.

Comparing Their Prices

Teespring comes with the best prices in the industry with the best quality of T-shirts & other apparel you can find online. The T-shirt and other clothing printed by them will be unique and original. The quality of design produced by the shirts is impressive, therefore, they have a special place in the online marketplace. The great feature is that you can choose what design you want and then order the right size. This is why T-shirts printing by them have the best reviews in the industry. They are the best option you can choose if you are looking for the best price for custom T-shirt printing in Bhubaneswar.

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