The Best Pen Printing Services in Damana market Bhubaneswar, Odisha

specially trained printers and machinery specially adapted for printing pens, production can take place using secure, controlled processes while providing for a degree of flexibility that you don’t get from other printers.

About Us

In April 2014, we marked our 10th anniversary in the industry. We began our journey by creating a market for non-fancy, technical pens that can be used for writing and marking by home users and professionals. We are the fastest growing and largest independent pen manufacturing company in India. Our mission has always been to fulfill the needs of our customers and establish ourselves as a leader in the market. With this mission, we have begun to deliver not only quality pens and products, but also affordable, high-quality, and cost-effective services in the domain of pen manufacturing, engraving, art printing, and product creation. 

We have also become a preferred supplier of machine engraving services in the machine tool industry. We have a wide variety of production capabilities

Why Choose Us?

We provide unparalleled and tried and tested services with all your requirements in one place, at your doorstep. Our top-quality products in a variety of colors and sizes are made up of high-quality polymers to ensure that the finished product is as long-lasting and as strong as the link it’s printed on. Our pens are completely lead-free, clean-burning, soft, and durable with a lifetime guarantee. If you are searching for a reliable company for your special request, then you need not look further than our laboratory where we test for your quality of ink or binding material before you buy. We offer personalized and reliable services at competitive rates so that you get your investment back in the most profitable way. You are also protected against termination, liquidation, and bankruptcy.

Our Process

3D Printing Unit:
Our 3D Printing unit can manufacture objects according to your design specifications. Different materials, types, and various styluses can be available depending on the specific requirements of your product.

Finish Lines and Accessories

The pen is finished with fine brush strokes, hand rubbing on wax, lacquering, or other methods depending on the requirements. Here are some of our recent service developments.


Sterlite Technologies Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of the TN Slags, had recently completed the production of their unique ‘Trans-Pen’ 3D printing pen for designing and building 3D printing projects, as a next-generation product, completely integrated and built at a very economical cost

Customer Service With the aim of servicing their customers the best. They do offer services of post-sales support in all aspects of pen printing, with a team of tech specialists that are available 24×7. offers all kinds of mechanical and electronic pen manufacturers in an organized manner.

Imaging The firm keeps a close check on the latest trends in the market and uses that to update its stock of contemporary pen printing machines. While maintaining its accuracy, aesthetics, and efficiency, they make it easy for the end-user to purchase the best pen printing machine. works on the top quality and durability of its product, ensuring great durability.

Printer Accessories

Why Print Pens From Us?

we are best at the prices

of the best quality pens and at the same time the lowest. The reputation of using only top-grade inks, pigments, alloys, and metalloids on a large volume. Get Free Customization of Graphics and Graphics Development at No money orders, no postage, no extra charges, no waiting for any form of proof of delivery. No more dealing with our suppliers, not only is this a lot more pleasant and convenient for you. But is also the right thing to do. This is why we always encourage new customers to set up a 10% free off for a period of one month. Simply reach us to obtain more details. 

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