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Studio Netramani One idea that has begun to take off is the addition of laser etched wedding photos that make a truly spectacular showpiece in the couple’s home. Wood, marble, metal, and acrylics all lend themselves well to photoengraving. Whether you are adding a photo to a finished piece, like a wine box, or as a stand-alone picture for the mantle, laser engraving creates a unique look that they won’t be able to easily find elsewhere.

What Makes a Good Candidate for

Photo Engraving?

While engraved photoengraving is exceptionally popular, engravers sometimes have difficulty achieving the desired look on the medium they’re working with. Before engraving wedding photos – or any photograph for that matter – it’s important to understand how the process works.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not EVERY photo engraving is going too well. So, what makes a photo ideal for engraving?


Make sure you have a variety of colors from light to dark within your photo. A single color photo that has a lot of skies won’t provide much visual interest when engraved, and neither will one with large dark areas, such as a couple standing in the shadows. While it may look visually interesting when printed, it will lose a lot of that detail when engraved.

Close-Up Subjects

Your photo’s composition is an integral part of the quality of the etching. The most spectacular engravings are often of the couple in the foreground. The engagement photo of the couple holding hands in the meadow looks great artistically but will lose detail when etched on wood.

Why a Photographer the Perfect photo Engraving?

Your view of a laser photo engraving system may be of an intimidating piece of machinery that takes hours to program and takes up a lot of room in your workspace, but the fact is laser systems have evolved to the point that they are basically operated like your printer, and aren’t much bigger than one either. Operating the laser is truly as simple as taking your digital photograph into your preferred design program and printing it to the laser.

A big benefit of owning your own laser is scheduling your engraving time. Laser photo engraving services are often a very cyclical business with busy periods that coincide with busy wedding seasons. You can easily find yourself at the mercy of the schedule of the service, affecting your turnaround time for a custom photoengraving. Owning your own laser also means that you can test photos on scrap material before doing the true photo engraving to find the best picture for etching.


Any type of lightweight wood with minimal streaking can produce high-quality photo engraving results. You can choose from Alder, Fir, Baltic Birch, Plywood, Cork, and Douglas for your photo engraving projects. The resin content in the wood will determine whether your photo will become dark or light after engraving. You can choose from a variety of low-resin wood types, including walnut, apple, ash, oak, and black locust. In case you are looking for a darker burn, high-resin wood such as alder and cherry will give you the desired results.


The suitability of a specific type of plastic depends on its composition. Finishing processes and additives can modify their characteristics for absorbing light spectrum properties. As a result, some combinations will melt instead of being engraved. Typically, cast resins and acrylics are the best types of plastics for engraving complex patterns such as photos.

Glass and Stone

While both of these materials can be finicky to use, you can get striking results. That’s because whenever a laser beam hits stone or glass, the laser fractures the surface and crystal structures, and natural grains. Furthermore, glass and stone can add a natural layer to your laser-engraved photos to increase their aesthetic appeal.


You will need to use a high-density laser for marking both metals and coated metals. Fiber Laser Markers are best for metals, but you can also mark metals using a CO2 laser engraver with the application of laser spray coating.

The best metals for marking include steel, stainless steel, silver, gold, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Gifts for Every Occasion

The perfect picture to match the occasion is truly worth a thousand words. Here are some amazing ideas to create gifts for all occasions by engraving photos.

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Wedding Gifts

Holiday Gifts

Why limit yourself to chocolates and red wine when there are so many more personalized ways to celebrate the holiday season? Adding personal photos to ordinary holiday gifts can be a great way to celebrate special occasions. For instance, you can create beautiful ornaments for Christmas, Easter eggs for Easter, personalized Champagne bottles for New Year’s, and laser engraved home décor items for Mother’s Day.

Anniversary gifts

If you want to rekindle old memories spent with your spouse, photo engraving gives you the perfect method to cherish precious moments Studio Netramani can engrave your engagement or wedding photo into a leather wallet, a heart necklace, and more. With enough creativity in mind, the versatility of a CO2 laser engraver can do wonders.

Graduation Gifts

Graduation marks an important milestone for your son, daughter, or friend. What could be a better way to celebrate the bond you share with your loved ones and their amazing achievement than a personalized souvenir?

Engraving a photo creates memorable graduation gifts by adding a personal touch. You can engrave beautiful photos on leather journals, wallets, tumblers, keychains, and just about everything.

Wedding Gifts 

Choosing a wedding gift is not easy! It’s also easy to mistakenly copy an idea from another guest. Thanks to advancements in CO2 laser engravers, creating an exquisite and personalized wedding gift won’t dent your bank account, unlike other gifts. Now you can engrave beautiful photos on glassware, crockery, champagne bottles, and jewelry that can help you create stunning wedding gifts. Studio Netramani also works on wooden gift boxes to enclose other gift items. You are sure to get some tear-jerking responses from the bride or the groom.

Time to Start Photo Engraving

Photo Engraving is a fantastic way to show how much you care for your friends or family. When choosing the best laser engraving machine, buy a quality laser engraver that guarantees ultimate precision and accuracy. Studio Netramani offers a wide collection of the latest laser engraving machines. Contact us today to start your laser engraving journey. Studio Netramani provides the best services in Bhubaneswar.

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